OCT 28, 2023

Valuable Clients,  We're pleased to inform you that the transition has been successfully completed, and all websites have been restored. Our server, located in Dhaka ( BDIX-Connected ), is up and running. We can ensure that there was no single point data loss. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued patience during the incidents. Thank you for your support.
Please note that we are still working on testing the new facility and network to ensure everything runs smoothly. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated during this time.

OCT 27, Last update

Valuable Clients, We have good news: our servers and equipment are perfectly fine and were not damaged by the fire incident. We have decided to migrate our hardware to a new data center, as the current data center building will require a few days for cleaning and power restoration. Access to the data center building restricted until 9:30 AM on October 28, 2023.
We hope to start the migration tomorrow, and our server will be up and running on the same day. Our data center team is on standby.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

OCT 27, Update-1

Valuable Clients, The fire is already under control and the datacenter floor is unaffected. The datacenter team is waiting for access permission. Once they get the access, they will start restoring the power. We are sorry for the inconvenienced.

OCT 26, 2023

Valuable Clients,

One of our BDIX-Powered servers Located in Dhaka Datacenter is currently offline due to a fire incident in the datacenter building. Firefighters are actively working to resolve the situation. We also pray for the safety of people in the building. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Number of affected servers: 1
Server name: BDIX-1


Data Center spokesperson statement : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEK17zHTV_8




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Thursday, October 26, 2023

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