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Since 2010, we have been providing quality and reliable web hosting. We have made changed our web hosting plan this year.  


Web Hosting : 

Our new starter plan starts with 5GB storage and 250GB bandwidth. please check out our website [ https://hostmight.com/web-hosting.html ] to know more about our new web hosting packages. This change does not affect any existing active products. for example, if you are using our 1GB plan at 1500 BDT cost, there is no price hike for you.


You may already know, We have started providing BDIX ( Bangladesh location ) web hosting. At this time we have reduces the price of BDIX Hosting and set the price as the same as our regular web hosting. https://hostmight.com/bdix-hosting.html


Reseller Hosting :

 cPanel price rise has shaken the web hosting community. They have changed their pricing model from per-server pricing to a per-account model. We are not increasing the price to you, But if you are using any legacy package ( with unlimited or any higher number of accounts limit), your sub-account limit will be applicable as per our current reseller packages. Resellers using more than the limit will charge 30 BDT each month, each additional account. if you are not happy with the overuses charge, please contact our sales department, we may offer a prorated refund by canceling the reseller account.

Please check our website https://hostmight.com/reseller-hosting.html 



We would be revising the price XYZ, .Me & .info. The new prices will be automatically reflected in your account from your next renewal & new order. New prices: https://hostmight.com/domain-price.html


We are running discounted prices for most of the domain. Including .com, XYZ,.me etc. Please check our website.


Feel free to reach out to us at  sales@hostmight.com in case you have any queries. 



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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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